Rethymno: It is the third-largest city in Crete. In Rethymno, you will find the most delicious traditional Cretan cuisine with secret recipes that are passed across generations. You can explore the old city of Rethymno and sit in one of the many coffee shops at the port and enjoy your beverage watching the old Turkish warships swaying on the water. Rethymno’s biggest attractions are its unique beaches.
1. Foinika beach or Preveli lake: It is the most well-known beach of Rethymno. On the shore of the river, there is a palm forest and a lake that the river forms before it flows into the sea. We suggest that you walk along the river and admire the vegetation and the animals that are there. Instead of walking you can rent a bike and traverse it.
2. Karavos – Kalypso: It resembles the Norwegian fjords but has water like a pool and the wild beauty of Crete. The bay is called Norwegian fjord because it is rumoured that among the sea cliff pirates found shelter when the winds were too strong. Karavos is mentioned in mythology as the place where Odysseus, was amazed by the place’s beauty combined with Kalypso and as a result, stayed for 7 years during his travel to Ithaka.

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