Chania: It is the second-largest city of Crete after Heraklion. It is divided into two main sections, the old city with the historic centre that is worth walking through and the new city that is outside the walls. Except for the historic centre of Chania that is the most popular part of Chania because you can see all the civilizations that have passed through the centuries, Chania is mainly famous for its natural riches, like its beautiful beaches and its gorge.
1. Elafonissi: It is the most famous beach in Crete and among the best beaches in the world. It has shallow blue and turquoise water and pink sand and people that have visited describe it as heaven on earth.
2. Balos: It is an idyllic beach with crystal water and a magical ocean floor. It is not easily accessible so you will have to travel by car to Kissamos (Kasteli) and either walk for around 20 mins on foot sightseeing more of Crete’s natural beauties or take a boat from Kasteli that takes you straight to the beach.
3. Samaria Gorge: It has 18 kilometres long and is the largest in length gorge in Europe. It accommodates various species of birds and other animals, one of which is an endangered species the Kri-kri. It requires around 3-4 hours of walking to traverse through it.

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